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                    首頁 > 產品中心 > 現場系列產品 > 管道氣動內對口器(長輸管道)
                    • 管道氣動內對口器(長輸管道)
                    • 管道氣動內對口器(長輸管道)


                    功能介紹 Function introduction

                    管道氣動內對口器(長輸管道)Pneumatic Pipeline Internal Line-Up Clamp

                    產品型號:PPLUC-06Aa/08Aa/10Aa /12Aa/14Aa/16Aa/18Aa/22Aa/26Aa/32Aa/36Aa/40Aa/44Aa/48Aa

                    Model: PPLUC-06Aa/08Aa/10Aa /12Aa/14Aa/16Aa/18Aa/22Aa/26Aa/32Aa/36Aa/40Aa/44Aa/48Aa


                    Pipe Diameter Applicable: Φ154/203/254/305/305-355/355-406/406-457



                    Performance features: one side single wheel (19A-36A) or one side two wheels (40A-56A) traveldriving of driven system; one side single brake (18A-36A) or three-side two-brake (40A-56A) positioning brake system; two sets of cylinders and multiple pressing blocks are compressed against the inside wall at two sides of weld junction; applicable for pipeline fitting up.

                    Performance features: The expansion component mounted inside the pipe; automatic and rapid centering with hydraulic cylinder; pipe end beveling with floating tool holder and numerical control blade; cold cutting without coolant; suitable for beveling before  welding by Orbital Pipeline Automatic Welding Machine.

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