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                    • 管道全位置自動焊機(軌道式)
                    • 管道全位置自動焊機(軌道式)


                    功能介紹 Function introduction

                    管道全位置自動焊機(軌道式)Piping All-position Automatic Welding Machine(Magnetic Type)


                    Model: PAAWM-00Aa


                    Pipe Diameter Applicable: ≥DN100

                    性能特點:適用于長輸管道或安裝現場的固定焊縫填充蓋面焊接;碳鋼管道焊接時無需軌道,磁輪吸附在管子上自動爬行;小車旋轉速度無級調速;焊槍可沿管子軸向進行線性擺動;焊槍可沿管子軸向進行角度調節;焊槍可垂直于管子軸向進行角度調節;焊槍可沿管子徑向進行上下距離調節;標配HiArc M500A焊接電源;實芯焊絲+混合氣體向下焊焊接,藥芯焊絲+混合氣體向上焊焊接。

                    Performance Features:It is suitable for filling & final welding of field (fixed) weld joint for long distance pipeline construction or site installation; Carbon steel pipelinewelding require no guide rail, the magnetic wheelautomatically crawling adsorption on the pipeline, the carriage rotation speed is stepless speed regulation, the torch can be adjusted angle along with the axial direction of pipeline, the torch can be adjusted angle perpendicular to axial direction of pipeline; The torch can be adjusted distance along with with the radial direction of pipeline, it is equipped standard configuration with HiArcM500A welding power source, solid welding wire + mixed gas& downhill welding, flux-cored wire + mixed gas& uphill welding.



                    Patented technology


                    Magnetic type, no rails required

                    無線搖控Wireless remote control

                    參數實時調節Real-time parameter adjustment

                    實芯焊絲向下焊接Solid welding wire downhill welding

                    藥芯焊絲向上焊接Flux-cored wire uphill welding

                    尤適用于現場焊口Especially suitable for field weld joints

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