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                    • 管子儲存立體倉庫3D
                    • 管子儲存立體倉庫3D


                    功能介紹 Function introduction


                    Model: PS3DW-16Aa/24Aa


                    Pipe Diameter Applicable: DN400/DN600

                    性能特點:由立體貨架、堆垛機、輸送小車、工控系統等4部分組成;儲存貨架標配為二排二列,可分層、分檔進行管子儲存;堆垛機可進行管子的自動垂直提升和水平移動;輸送小車可自動將管子送入、送出立體倉庫;適用管子直徑DN600、管子壁厚30mm、管子長度12米;由安裝有管理系統軟件的工控機進行實時控制,實現單根管子的快速儲存和提取??膳c管道工廠預制智能管理系統Pipe Shop FabricationIntelligent Management Software實時共享存儲信息。

                    Performance Features: Its compose of 3D Storage rack, stocker, conveying trolley, IPC etc 4 portions; standard configuration of storage rack are two rows & two lines, can be layered & separated level to pipe storage;  The stacker can carry out automatic longitudinal lifting and horizontal movement of pipe; the conveying trolley can automatically feeding pipes into and out of three-dimensional warehouses (dispensers), pipe diameter is applicable DN600, pipe wall thickness 30mm, pipe length 12 meters; The real-time control of industrial computer with management system software is carried out to realize the fast storage and take out of single pipe. Its can real-time shared storage information withPipe Shop Fabrication Intelligent Management software.

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