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                    工 作 站 系 列

                    首頁 > 產品中心 > 工 作 站 系 列 > 管道坡口加工工作站(端面坡口機)
                    • 管道坡口加工工作站(端面坡口機)
                    • 管道坡口加工工作站(端面坡口機)


                    功能介紹 Function introduction


                    Model: PBPWS-16Ca/24Ca


                    Pipe Diameter Applicable: DN400/DN600


                    Performance Features: for fabrication in the field.CNC length-measuring cutting; Beveling quality reaches cold machining level; Suitable for beveling all kinds of pipes especially S.S pipes and pipes with thick wall. Equipped with: one specially retrofitted 6 M container + one High Speed Pipe Cutting Machine/CNC Pipe Cutting Band Saw Machine + one High Speed Pipe End Beveling Machine/CNC Pipe End Beveling Machine.


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