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                    • 差動式管道數控切斷坡口機
                    • 差動式管道數控切斷坡口機


                    功能介紹 Function introduction


                    Model: DPCBM-16Aa/24Aa



                    Performance Features: synchronously centering clamping with drive by the front and back two groups of hydraulic cylinders cam mechanism; cutting and beveling blade disc rotatesat high speed around the pipe center; when generate speed difference from 2 cutter disc of internal and external are respectively drive by 2 servo motors, the cutting feed gear drive mechanism began to motion, to drive cutting tools and beveling tools automatic radial cutting feed; its equipped with spray cooling device; cutting and beveling blade automatically feed in opposite direction; Preset bevel parameters throughPLC touch screen human-machine interface ; Four-column& four linear guide rail & two lifts to compose lifting systemenabling automatically mechanical centering; cuttingand beveling in one operation ( simultaneously producing two bevels); extremely high beveling efficiency; applicable for large amount of STD wall thickness (≤25mm)pipe bevel machining.

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