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                    生 產 線 系 列

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                    • 特高壓鐵塔構件預制生產線
                    • 特高壓鐵塔構件預制生產線


                    功能介紹 Function introduction

                    特高壓鐵塔構件預制生產線Components Fabrication Production Line on Ultra- High Voltage Iron Tower


                    Model: TCFPL-16Aa/24Aa


                    Pipe diameter applicable: DN400/DN600


                    Performance Features: Using the pipe beveling and cutting Machine for pipe cutting; adopt mechanical fitting-up center for high efficiency spool pieces fit-up; Using automatic welding center for automatic welding of spool pieces; Using battery-powered or low-voltage sliding wire-Powered conveying system for effective long distance conveying of pipes; utilizing longitudinal/lateral conveying systems to ensure safe and reliable ground conveying.

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