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                    首頁 > 產品中心 > 輸送系列產品 > 管道翻轉物流輸送系統(上料型)
                    • 管道翻轉物流輸送系統(上料型)
                    • 管道翻轉物流輸送系統(上料型)


                    功能介紹 Function introduction

                    產品型號:PTLTS -16Aa/24Aa

                    Model: PTLTS -16Aa/24Aa


                    Loading Weight: DN400/DN600


                    Performance Features: Independent or shared 1 set of hydraulic stations; 2-3 hydraulic cylinders; 3-7 sets of specially shaped jaws, it can realizes the function of block materials and kick in materials loading at the same time, the top of the storage racks has inclination, its mounted on longitudinal roller conveying system,quickly completion of loading pipe, the dependence on the person is reduced, and the conveying efficiency is  improved. manual control on console (wireless remote control for option)

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