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                    首頁 > 產品中心 > 特種系列產品 > 輕便式管道切斷坡口機
                    • 輕便式管道切斷坡口機
                    • 輕便式管道切斷坡口機


                    功能介紹 Function introduction


                    Model: PPAWM-06Aa/12Aa/18Aa/24Aa/06Ab/12Ab/18Ab/24Ab

                    適用管徑:DN150/ DN300/ DN450/ DN600

                    Pipe Diameter Applicable: DN150/ DN300/ DN450/ DN600


                    Performance Feature:Lightweight and compact structure, suitable for small batch production; pipe single side clamping fixed, cutterhead disc slow rotation, ratchet drive radial cutting feed, the use of high speed steel tool bits processing, the cooling need for cooling liquid, manual or electric lifting and adjusting the height of pipe, manual or electric clamping pipe; Standard configuration of 1 cutting tool, 1 or 2 beveling tools.

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